Shaping the future of Web3 employment: Intropia joins Cointelegraph Accelerator

Intropia enables the development of a professional Web3 network with the help of on-chain profiles and introductions.

The nascent nature of the Web3 landscape, along with the complexity of technical skills involved in crypto and blockchain-related jobs, makes it hard for a majority of companies to find the right talent. On the other hand, Web3 professionals also have difficulty looking for new opportunities on mainstream job platforms designed mainly for Web2 careers. Even when there’s an ideal match for a company and talent, the remote-focused work expectations of the post-pandemic era create a bottleneck for the traditional recruiter-candidate onboarding process.

The latest participant of Cointelegraph Accelerator, the startup booster leveraging Cointelegraph’s media capabilities, Intropia is an introduction-based Web3 talent ecosystem that utilizes the community-centric nature of Web3 to solve the talent bottleneck threatening the growth of the industry. To get a clear profile of the current Web3 talent, Intropia conducted the Web3 Talent Survey with the contribution of over 1,500 Web3 professionals. The survey showed that the Web3 ecosystem boasts a diverse range of talent, from coding experts to hardcore traders, who mostly prefer remote or freelance jobs and want to use pseudonyms. The vast majority of the respondents (80%) are working on several projects simultaneously, having one main job and freelancing for several others.

Intropia’s latest report profiles the average Web3 talent. Source: Intropia Web3 Talent Report

Intropia’s latest report profiles the average Web3 talent. Source: Intropia Web3 Talent Report

All in all, the average Web3 talent would have a hard time filling a job application inside the traditional business world, as a CV with “Web3Nakamoto” in the name section would hardly receive a proper review. That’s why Intropia focuses only on professional capabilities instead and helps Web3 talent find the next gig based on their past experience.

The introduction dynamic of Intropia turns the whole ecosystem of participants into potential recruiters. Web3 users can refer a friend, a colleague or someone from their network for a job opening to contribute to finding the ideal talent — monetizing their professional network in the process, by receiving a portion of the recruitment fee from the Intropia platform. This way, even if the ideal candidates miss a specific job posting, someone from their network can see it and refer them to the job, helping the Web3 talent pool grow in a sustainable way.

How Web3-friendly recruitment works. Source: Intropia

How Web3-friendly recruitment works. Source: Intropia

Professionals can create their Web3-friendly profile on Intropia and seek new opportunities in a gamified environment, while Web3 projects can post detailed job descriptions to grab the attention of new talent.

Launched in early 2023, the Cointelegraph Accelerator Program utilizes Cointelegraph’s leading position in the media landscape and established global audience to help promising Web3 companies reach their full potential.

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