Ethereum is ‘woefully undervalued’ but growing more powerful: DeFi Dad, Hall of Flame

DeFi Dad says he’d be shocked if Bitcoin doesn’t hit $500K within 10 years, but he thinks Ethereum is getting more powerful all the time.

DeFi Dad has 152,100 Twitter followers. Hes a DeFi podcaster, head of portfolios at Fourth Revolution Capital and a prolific crypto YouTuber.

Who is this guy anyway?

Travis Blane, who is better known as DeFi Dad to his 152,100 Twitter followers, has been actively making crypto content since 2019.

Hes also the head honcho of marketing and portfolio support at Fourth Revolution Capital, an adviser for several Web3 projects, including Zapper and Push Protocol, and hosts two podcasts, The Edge Podcast and The DeFi Podcast.

Somehow, he still manages to tuck his two kids into bed every night and fight off monsters for them which is completely on brand for Blane.

Blane is a jack of many trades but has defied the old saying and actually mastered some, too.

After completing his studies at the University of Chicago, he started a chemistry Ph.D. program with aspirations of becoming a teacher. He got bored of that idea and started a food delivery business, which he says was a great and horrific experience.

This was before Uber Eats and before the whole food delivery craze started. It was an exciting business.

Im pretty convinced I would be divorced today and probably have no children if I had stayed in food delivery, he jokes.

Seeking new challenges, Blane transitioned to software startups and then unexpectedly found himself selling all sorts of camera equipment in a camera shop.

I definitely have a lot of experience hopping different industries, which is probably why I ended up in crypto at one point in my life.

It was during yet another role as a project manager at an events company in New York, where he was assigned to blockchain events, that Blane discovered his passion for crypto, and he hasnt looked back since.

Who knows? In five years time, we might catch up with Blane only to find out he has become an astronaut.

What led to Twitter fame?

Blane exudes the vibe of a hustler determined to ensure his kids have a full plate every night. 

No doubt its the typical combination of a lot of focus, really hard work, grinding it out and being present across as many different parts of Crypto Twitter at the same time, he explains.

Blanes early DeFi videos began amassing over 10,000 views during the first surge of interest in the topic in the lead-up to DeFi Summer in 2020.

I was very lucky with the timing that I was into DeFi in, like mid-early 2019, and obviously, it took off within a years time. It has exploded and become a mainstream talking point and financial news thats luck. Right place, right time.

DeFi Dad
DeFi Dad loves Ethereum and his kids, too. (Supplied)

What to expect from Twitter Content

Blane describes his Twitter content as advice on how to get started and how to upscale yourself in relation to DeFi, and Web3 games, adding:

Im more there to kind of help tell the story of whats being built and why games need Web3 elements because were just not there yet its way too early.

He warmly welcomes memecoin enthusiasts to follow him on Twitter but wants to make one thing clear: He wont be pumping them anytime soon.

Im not someone whos going to trade a memecoin like PEPE. Im more of a long-term investor, but Im super happy for folks making money off it, he says.

Every now and then, you might be lucky enough to catch Blane throwing out a cheeky price prediction.

What do you enjoy on Crypto Twitter?

Blane is an unashamed fanboy of Guy Turner, the founder and face of Coin Bureau, whose ethics he admires.

He has a team that acts with a lot of integrity, at least in my experience, and they are such great storytellers, he says.

Blane admits he is definitely trying to emulate what Guy is doing by being very objective and creating content that is going to onboard as many folks in the space as possible.

There is a really fine line to ensuring that you dont compromise on your ethics and become something of a shill.

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Twitter Beef

Blane proudly states that he holds no grudges against anyone and jokes that his lack of Crypto Twitter beefs is not going to be good for engagement on this article.

However, he doesnt shy away from throwing some shade every now and then. When crypto exchange FTX collapsed, he didnt hold back, taking a dig at Sam Trabucco, co-CEO of Alameda Research, calling him a f*cking terrible trader.

While hes a fan of healthy debates to keep people informed, he tends to avoid confrontation.

I dont like being in conflict with people; Id rather be more of a cheerleader for these different DeFi protocols, he says.

He also tries to rally the troops following negative events, like the collapse of FTX, telling his followers that crypto is so much bigger than FTX.


Despite being a man who steers clear of making price predictions, Blane has confidence that Bitcoins price will skyrocket in the next decade, declaring:

I would be shocked if Bitcoin doesnt go to $500,000, to a million, in the next 10 years.

But as a DeFi Dad, its probably unsurprising that his big love is Ethereum.

To me, Ethereum is just woefully undervalued because of all the economic activity built on it, he says.

He even likens Ethereum to the network effects and moats of Customer Relationship management platforms Salesforce and Marketo.

People use [Salesforce] as a database of all their contacts and all of the deal flow that theyre tracking, believing that it hooks people in by seamlessly integrating with their business operations.

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If you track all of your contacts and all of your sales data in it, thats going to be very difficult to migrate away from and use a different software in the world, Blane says.

He compares this to Ethereum, saying that the more time is invested and resources and data put into Ethereum, the more powerful it becomes over time.

As for Ethers price, Blane states that $10,000 is a conservative [price for Ether] at this point.

It could go to $20,000 to $30,000 easily.

Blane takes pleasure in shooting down those who underestimate the price potential of Ethereum.

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