Ethereum dev’s paid EigenLayer role sparks debate on ‘conflicted incentives’

Ethereum researcher Justin Drake said his EigenLayer role is worth “millions of dollars” and some think it could shake up incentives for those working on the blockchain.

An Ethereum Foundation researcher’s decision to take a paid adviser role for the foundation behind EigenLayer has sparked criticism on social media, with one commentator suggesting it could create “conflicted incentives.”

In a lengthy May 19 X post, Ethereum researcher Justin Drake disclosed he had taken an adviser role at EigenFoundation that “comes with a significant EIGEN token incentive” vested over three years worth “millions of dollars” and “more than the combined value of all my other assets.”

EigenLayer is a protocol that partially launched on mainnet last month and allows users to stake liquid staked Ether (ETH) tokens — which are derivative tokens for ETH staked in a protocol such as Lido — effectively allowing ETH to be staked twice.

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