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Ethereum (ETH) price fails to rally in the face of good news — Here is why

Ether’s failure to respond to good news could be rooted in investors’ perception that macroeconomic conditions are worsening.

XRP price could break out as open interest increases

Despite a potential breakout, XRP’s price remains tied to developments regarding the lawsuit between the SEC and Ripple.

Polkadot’s Indy 500 driver Conor Daly: ‘My dad holds DOT, how mad is that?’

Has Polkadot got bang for buck from a foray into motorsport? 13M watched DOT-sponsored driver Conor Daly as he led the Indy 500 for 22...

Kraken says its being extorted following bug bounty report

The bug resulted in at least $3 million worth of stolen funds, but no user funds were endangered, according to Kraken.

Arkham posts $150K bounty to find creator of DJT Trump token

It comes amid $1.7 million in Polymarket bets on whether Donald Trump or his family members are behind the DJT token.

Bitcoin analyst ‘optimistic’ of buying BTC lower as 3 trendlines fail

BTC price heading under $66,000 costs Bitcoin bulls several daily moving averages — and few see a snap recovery coming next.

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ETH valuation metric is ‘heating up,’ but analyst says it’s not overvalued

CryptoQuant CEO Ki Young Ju noted that while Ethereum’s MVRV is rising quickly, onchain activity levels suggest it may not be overvalued. A key metric...

Meta loses bid to wriggle out of billionaire’s crypto scam ad lawsuit

Meta cited a section of a 1996 federal law in an attempt to escape a crypto ad lawsuit from Australian billionaire Andrew Forrest, but a...

Iran to launch public CBDC pilot in June

Unlike other types of electronic money in Iran, the digital rial doesn’t require interbank settlement to transfer funds between buyers and sellers. The Central Bank...

Stablecoins to make up 10% of money in the next decade or so: Circle CEO

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire revealed four of the biggest reasons he’s “more optimistic” about crypto and stablecoins than ever before. Stablecoins could account for 10%...

Bitcoin exchange reserve metric hits 3-year low

Low exchange balances indicate low selling pressure and could trigger a supply shock as institutional investors continue to accumulate Bitcoin. The Bitcoin exchange reserve, the...

Ex-OpenAI chief scientist Ilya Sutskever launches SSI to focus on AI safety

The new company will develop AI safety and capabilities in tandem. Co-founder and former chief scientist of OpenAI, Ilya Sutskever, and former OpenAI engineer Daniel...

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