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How Terra’s collapse will impact future stablecoin regulations

The collapse of algorithmic stablecoin UST created a ripple effect not just in the crypto market but among world regulators as well.

Stepn to block mainland China users to comply with regulatory policies

In a move to comply with Chinese regulatory policies, Stepn will be blocking users based in mainland China from its mobile app.

Two key takeaways from Nansen’s UST stablecoin depeg report

Blockchain analysis firm Nansen identifies two major takeaways following Terra's UST algorithmic stablecoin collapse.

Terra to burn 1B UST from the community pool as holders vote for it

The proposal highlighted that the burn may help restore the UST dollar peg by burning the excess supply.

Falling wedge pattern points to eventual Ethereum price reversal, but traders expect more pain first

ETH dropped below a key support in its USD and BTC pair, but analysts say a bullish trading pattern could eventually spark a sharp trend...

Ethereum price dips below the $1.8K support as bears prepare for Friday’s $1B options expiry

Looming macroeconomic concerns and this week’s $1B ETH options expiry threaten to pin Ethereum price under the $1,800 support.

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BSV president urges Meta to store data for its metaverse on a public blockchain

Jimmy Nguyen, president of BSV Association, hopes that Meta would take an approach that doesn’t store data within their own servers. While Meta has not...

Partying in Davos with Cointelegraph: Crypto card payments accepted

We’re saying farewell to the World Economic Forum Annual meeting by demonstrating the real-world utility of crypto payments. With the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual...

Hacker tastes own medicine as community gets back stolen NFTs

The dev partner of the Solana-based NFT game raised the royalty to 98% from the usual 5%, resulting in the scammer listing the 25 stolen...

Draft bill to ban China’s digital yuan from US app stores

Three ​​Republican senators introduced a bill to protect Americans from the "Authoritarian Digital Currencies Act." Lawmakers in the United States are moving to protect the...

Small Bitcoin whales may be keeping BTC price from ‘capitulation’ — analysis

Amid distribution by the "giant" whales of Bitcoin, data shows that smaller ones are still resisting the urge to sell. Bitcoin (BTC) could still see...

Swinburne Uni brings Web3 firms to class

The industry will be able to “tap into future talent” as the partnership sees Judo Bank and Web3 firm Banxa and co-creating content, hosting lectures,...

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